VANCOUVER, B.C. — Passion Over Sleep announced today the hiring of Jon Guarin.

“We are extremely happy with the addition of Jon to Passion Over Sleep. We have been looking at opportunities to expand the brand in all aspects and this was the first step in doing so,” Dickson Liong, the founder of Passion Over Sleep, said. “As I continue to explore opportunities in the National Hockey League, I wanted to ensure that the brand would be in good hands. With Jon joining, I have zero doubts about that.”

“I have numerous ideas, including one major project, in the works that Jon will be a part of. He is a one-of-a-kind personality and has and will bring a lot to the brand. The future of Passion Over Sleep is looking brighter than ever and I’m proud and excited to see it blossom.”

Guarin, 25, spent the last two years as an educational technologist for the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Arts.

Passion Over Sleep was founded in 2015.