Dickson Liong is ALL ELITE: Buying in and going Double or Nothing (feat. Parker Schmidt)

Dickson Liong is attending All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing in Las Vegas this weekend with Parker Schmidt, who is a former Vancouver Giants billet and someone who Liong considers family. The two preview what they expect from AEW, how Liong influenced Schmidt to follow independent wrestling along with the entire weekend. AEW is the first time any pro-wrestling company has been considered true competition to WWE since WCW 20 years ago.

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From the hockey spotlight to dark days of concussion (feat. Ryely McKinstry)

Former Western Hockey League (Vancouver Giants and Calgary Hitmen) defenceman Ryely McKinstry joined Dickson Liong on the Passion Over Sleep podcast this week. They went though McKinstry’s entire hockey career, the trade that went down involving him between the Giants and the Hitmen, his battle with concussion and how it forced him to retire from the game he loved so much and what’s next in his new life chapter.

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The stigma behind disabilities (feat. physiotherapist Keith Tam)

Dickson Liong brought on the first guest, none other than Keith Tam. He has seen and known Liong since six-years-old and has gone through all aspects and stages of life together. They recalled over a decade of memories, along with discuss the stigma behind people with disabilities. Tam also gave his perceptive of Liong, after seeing it all.

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WrestleMania 35 and a real-life heel turn

Dickson Liong discusses being at WWE’s WrestleMania 35 weekend. He took his then-best friend, who he considered family and eventually turned his back and back stabbed Liong. He talks about all of that, along with what family mindset is and the importance of it. Liong doesn’t have friends, he has family. He opens up about all of it.

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Time to break barriers

It’s happening. On this premiere episode of the Passion Over Sleep podcast, Dickson Liong discusses who he is, why he decided to finally pull the trigger on starting a podcast, who inspired him ultimately do it, what PASSION OVER SLEEP means. In addition, he gives reasons and his own life experiences why not to oblige to society’s barriers and to break them instead.

This podcast episode contains explicit content (coarse language). As well, we realize that the audio quality is different on desktop than on mobile, along with other small issues. We hope that you still enjoy the podcast and we are working to get these issues fixed by next week.

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