Finding the balance between overworking and laziness

There’s a major difference between Passion Over Sleep founder Dickson Liong and Jon Guarin.

Liong has been working in hockey over seven years and is a brand founder. He also has the mindset of giving it his all, no matter what he does, even on vacation. He is determined to succeed and won’t stop until he reaches his goals. The downfall to that is, it has ruined multiple relationships and has had to make many sacrifices. Why? Because hockey is his true love and he never ever stopped and slowed down, causing an imbalance. He admits that to this day, he is still trying to find the perfect balance. Guarin, on the other hand, admits that he is lazy and has lost motivation after failure and how being hired by Passion Over Sleep has re-lit that fire.

On this week’s episode of the Two Peas in a Pod…cast, the duo discuss how they are helping each other find that balance.